Monday, February 27, 2012

Lent Fitness Challenge Check In #1

Has it only been three days?

God, yes.

Getting rid of bad habits is an ongoing struggle for me. I'm the dog that can't learn new tricks. But earlier this year, when I learned that my older half sisters were diagnosed with diabetes at the age of thirty, and that a cousin on my father's side had recently died of diabetes related complications in her late thirties, I knew it was time to focus on my health. 

Not my weight. Not an idea of fitting into some skanky dress for such and such occasion. Not because I want to run a marathon. Not because I want to fit in a bikini. 

I'm a carb addict, y'all. And you fellow carb hogs know the mood swings, the energy dips, and consuming depression that's a direct result from these binges. I'm not talking about carbs that come from fruit or veggies. I'm talking about the worst kind of carb: the one that comes from processed foods. 

In an effort to take my health seriously, I decided to toss the idea of a diet out the window. I need a life change. And Lent's the perfect time for holding yourself accountable to a higher power. 


Friday: Walked/jogged 4.5 miles around the lake in our subdivision. Took my 4 month old puppy, Crybaby, with me, which forced me to walk briskly. Ran for most of the first and second mile. No food cravings.

Saturday: Walked 5.5 miles. Went without Crybaby, since I'd tripped over him a handful of times. Jogged about half the time. Got cramp in the arch of my right foot. Had to force myself to drink water, since I was experiencing what felt like the beginnings of a bladder infection. No food cravings.

Sunday: All I could think about was bread. Walked 4.5 miles, and took my two youngest daughters and four of the neighborhood kids (and Crybaby) with me for the first mile and a half. Went by myself for the rest of the time. Really sore, so I didn't even consider jogging. Over indulged in some M&M cookies, but I did ok for the rest of the day. Tried the arch support inserts, but I'm going to have to get used to them, since my feet were aching after the second mile. 

Monday: Walked 4.5 miles (only 1.5 with Crybaby). Really sore today. Stuck to eating healthy food. No cravings.

A little more about the Blood Sugar Solution:

The first two weeks are preparation time. This is your opportunity for reading, learning more about the program, and restocking your kitchen and medicine cabinet. You're easing your way into the mindset of eating to live, not living to eat. You're also realizing that it's not about how much you eat as much as it's about WHAT you eat. So, my goal for the first week is getting rid of the soda,sweets, and dairy,  the processed food, drastically reducing the bread and pasta, and incorporating carbs with proteins at every meal, AND every snack. Apples with almonds. Pears and pecans. That sort of thing.

It's also time to get your vitamins and supplements together. I have a multivitamin, but I still need to head out and get some fish oil pills (I hear freezing them gets rid of the yucky taste), probiotics, lipoic acid, and Vitamin D. 

What I've noticed in 3 short days: no joint pain. No shooting pain in my fingers, no knee pain. I have been sore, but that's to be expected. No lethargy. No falling asleep midday. Not waking up in the middle of the night. 

What's really working for me: taking Crybaby with me on my walks. He has more energy than his mom and dad (he's a Border Aussie), and because he's tired from the walks, he hasn't been hurling his body against the back door in an attempt to come inside. He's such a good baby that I don't even need to use a leash.

What I've learned: It's not the cravings that I'm going to be struggling with; it's the habits.