Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why I Love the 80s, Part I.

Variety is the spice of a blog. I think. Some non-bookish fun:)

80s Stuff That Rocked:

1. The Big Chill. If you haven't seen it, shame on you! William Hurt, Glenn Close, Kevin Kline, JoBeth Williams, seriously an all star cast with performances that will dazzle you and leave you wishing they still made movies like this.

When one of their college buddies commits suicide, these friends (most of whom have lost contact with one another) get together for a weekend to reconnect and get their bearings before going back out into the world. Among them is an actor, a housewife, an attorney, a writer... and all of them have significantly changed since their younger days. Some of them have lost their integrity, some their idealism, some their hope. And all of them hope to touch base with not only their long lost friends, but also their old selves.

2. Penny loafers. Oh yeah, I was the nerdy girl with the red glasses and penny loafers, WITH the shiny new penny inserted. And if that wasn't nerdy enough, I was carrying my clarinet case and a stack of Judy Blume books. The clarinet and the red glasses are now gone (replaced with even nerdier black ones), but I still have a pair of burgundy leather Bass loafers. I rarely ever wear them, but I love them to death, and I will smack you if you tell me "Those are so, like, 80s!"

Because, really, enough is enough! I'm tired of the heels that make my arches fall, and the balls of my foot ache, and my toes throb. I'm waiting for a return of these sensible, comfortable, totally nerdish (but in a GOOD way) shoes.

3. Labyrinth: David Bowie in tights. Directed by Jim Henson. Produced by George Lucas. Need I say more? I saw the movie when I was a kid, my kids have seen this movie countless times and love it more every time. Older kids will enjoy the costume ball, younger kids will laugh their *sses off with the goblins, and adults will appreciate the writing, the character development, and most importantly, The Message.

4. Trolls: How can you not love these fugly little things?

80s Stuff That Did NOT Rock:

1. The hair: Self-explanatory. I still think Aqua Net is solely responsible for the hole in the ozone layer.

2. Neon clothes: Olive skin tone and neon colors don't go together. Ever. You end up looking like you have skin the color of puke. And by you, I mean me.

3. Scrunched socks: Whoever started this sock craze was not from Texas. I remember suffering through hot-as-hell RGV muggy mornings, having to wear two, or even three pairs of these socks at a time, just because everyone else was doing it. Yup, I was a sheep. And my mother wasn't happy about having to washing so. many. damn. socks. Jenny! (<-----her words, not mine!)

4. Dancing: Thanks to groups like New Kids on the Block, dancing was a group thing. And I couldn't dance. Couldn't do the Running Man. Not even the Roger Rabbit. I'd be the kid on the dance floor, shifting from one foot to the other, wishing I didn't look like a robot. Yeah, that move wasn't intentional. Meanwhile, my friends had choreographed their dances to NKOTB, Debbie Gibson, and Madonna.

What do you miss and/or not miss about this decade? Were you a Neon, Spandex-wearing Queen? Did you have a 10 inch do? Were you the jean roller-upper waiting for the flood?