Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Salon and Sounding Off, 4.

Hope you all have had a great weekend. As for me, it’s been a hell of one. Lots of dietary changes have me off whack and my brain feels like I’m on some sort of narcotic. More on that in tomorrow’s Lent Fitness Check In.

Reading and writing has been very slow this week, though on Friday I had a burst of energy and stayed up all night to finish Leslie Daniel’s Cleaning Nabokov’s House. It was one of those reads you fall into and end up thoroughly enjoying.

What I received this week:

The Paris Wife

I won this from The Blue Bookcase’s giveaway. I was over the moon when I received the email. Having just finished A Moveable Feast, I’m still stuck in that era.

Claire de Lune: A Novel

from Goodreads:

With its atmospheric story of small-town dreams and romance, Clair de Lune weaves an irresistible spell of longing, hope, love, and nostalgia. A newly discovered novel by Jetta Carleton, Clair de Lune will delight the legions of readers who have treasured her first—and, until now, only—published novel, The Moonflower Vine. A book of unsurpassable literary fiction, Clair de Lune is sure to strike a chord with readers of Nancy Turner’s These Is My Words, Alice McDermott’s After This, and Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. 

Have you all heard of Gone Reading? They have some awesome bookish related products, and what sets them apart from everyone else is that they donate  100% of after tax profits towards new funding for libraries….. Y’all know how important libraries are. I live in a smallish town (about 60,000) where there is one used bookstore (and I don’t know HOW is stays in business) and one library. The library is always packed, and they have wonderful programs for children and teens. Libraries are where readers are made.

Anyhow, check out some of the t-shirts they have:

You can find this shirt HERE.

You can order shirt HERE.
 I'm buying one of these two t-shirts for my daughter's upcoming 13th birthday (which is on the 15th). That kid lives and breathes books, which can be a real pain when I’m trying to get her to do anything else, like eat, clean her room, do her homework, even shower. She’s a book nut, for sure.

Our LitStack pick of the week was Books We’re Ashamed to Admit We Haven’t Read. My pick was Jane Eyre. Yes….I am a bad reader. But there are others….Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, Moby Dick, Of Human Bondage….What are the books you’re ashamed to admit you haven’t read? And more importantly, do you admit it? I can usually get by, nodding and then bringing up another title (that I HAVE read, of course) in order to distract.

In The Rumpus: an interview with Rachel Lloyd, the author of Girls Like Us, a memoir that charts the author's progress from survival to advocacy and also explores the issues of commercially sexually exploited children in the US.

An excerpt:

We’re all on different places on the continuum. Just because we haven’t been exploited in the commercial sex industry doesn’t mean we haven’t been in a situation where some dude was treating us like shit, and we kept going back, or our girlfriend was going through it. We’ve all had those types of experiences, or watched women that we love, or girls that we love go through those experiences. So what’s been really gratifying is to have a lot of women email and say, I didn’t have this experience, but I could see myself in bits of this, or I could see parts of my experience, or I could see how easily given the right set of circumstances when I was 15, 16, if I had met a pimp at that point, I would have totally been in the life because that’s what I was looking for.